Xbox Live Games with Gold for January 2018

As soon as the New Year is here and everyone has put their items on discounts and sales, Microsoft has also jumped into the line. Microsoft is offering free games for its Gold members to enjoy in the month in January. This is what we call a true New Year gift for the Xbox lovers!

Xbox has revolutionized the world of video games by their unique features. There are billions of users on Xbox right now all around the globe. Microsoft offers Gold membership for its special customers. This gold membership consists of access to different services. Usually, Gold membership holders get two free games each month, access to Netflix content and other app services. This is happening for the first time that Microsoft is giving four free games for the month of January for Xbox Gold users. These four games are:

  1. Zombi
  2. Tomb Raider Underworld
  3. Army of two
  4. The Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing 3

Let’s see what is new in these super Gold offer games:


This game is full of zombies, and you have to survive on the streets of London with zombies all around. There are suspense and thriller throughout the game, and one has to make his way from different streets, canals, roads, and blocks fighting from zombies.

Tomb Raider Underworld:

Tomb Raider Underworld is all about a girl named Lara Croft. You will find Lara Croft traveling around the world and solving the mystery of Thor’s hammer. There is a lot of different features and difficulties on her way. She has to dive, climb, slide and fight throughout the journey.

Army of Two:

You can play this game with your favorite buddy as its name reveals that it is the Army of Two. It’s all about a journey of two people using different weapons and expertise to fight the conspiracy which has threatened the whole world. There will be a journey from Afghanistan to South Korea and much more!

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3:

Van Helsing’s debut is releasing on Xbox One and Xbox X very soon. In the third part of this trilogy, Van Helsing faces more and more tough situations and dangerous beasts as he goes through its journey. The leveling system in this final round has also become diverse. This time in the 3rd part Lady Katarina will also be his ghost companion (as she was earlier) but her story will be revealed this time.

In short, there is a hell lot of mysteries in these new games. These adventurous games with full suspense and thriller are the reason why Xbox Gold members are happy to get these games free for the month of January.

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