Review: Asus MG248Q 144hz Gaming Monitor

If you are one of those people who are very serious when it comes to gaming, then you know that there is only one brand that delivers, Asus. This brand has always delivered the best gaming performances with high-speed refresh rates and high-quality colors. The Asus MG248Q is one of their new models that have been designed to break all the rules that have long been used by the normal desktop PC monitors. As one of the most affordable gaming monitors that the company has ever released, this model aims to change that perception and manages to do so even better. It comes without cutting too many corners, features a 23.6-inch display with a 1080p native resolution, and lightning-quick response times added with fast refresh rates.

#Fast display and performance

The Asus MG248Q offers comes with a 144 Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time, and a 6-bit+FRC color interface. Since it has over16.7 million colors, it gives way to an almost absolute representation of sRGB standard. It features a medium Anti-Glare coating that covers the screen thus adding a slightly grainy look to it. One of its best selling points is its Contrast which can remain almost constant to the advertised 1000:1 regardless of some adjustments.

#144hz refresh rate/ 1ms response time

One of the best features of this monitor is its refresh rate which is 144Hz. This enables it to offer lightning reactions during games thus enabling fast performance. It was only until last year that monitors were a fairly mundane piece in a PC without some major variations. With this model, gamers can now enjoy displays that offer faster refresh rates that even go beyond the normal 60Hz which has been the standard speed for a long time.


#Sync and swim functionalities

One of the revolutionary features in the Asus MG248Q is the G-Sync feature. With the addition of Freesync technology, this model even goes further regarding technology from its predecessor, the Asus VG248Q.This feature is compatible with both Intel and AMD graphics cards. It works by synchronizing your gaming monitor’s refresh rate concerning the frame rate of your PC’s video card. This type of distinction between its competitors and the different video cards that it can support is a crucial aspect of this model. With this Adaptive Sync feature, any gamer will notice considerable changes in the smoothness of animation without any on-screen tearing in a certain sense.

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• Has a very bright screen
best 144hz Monitor
• brilliant color and contrast quality

• Has no G-Sync and HDR
• More expensive than the entry-level 24-inch monitors

#Final verdict

Overall, the Asus MG248Q is one of the most affordable advanced displays on the market today. With the crisp, clear image quality, lightning fast refresh rate, and Sync feature, this monitor is a gamers’ new favorite under $500. Despite not coming with its ROG Swift siblings premium price tags, it still performs almost equally powerful with them and with all the other 24inch professional gaming monitors in the market today. With all of these new features packed into a screen that is considerably much less expensive compared to other gaming monitors, this gaming monitor is a great value for any serious gamer.

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