Game Review: L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files

The favorite developers of all gamers “Rockstar Games” who published the most famous game ever “Grand Theft Auto” are now back with a game on VR (virtual reality). The game “L.A Noire” is definitely capable of meeting all the expectations, though it has its share of flaws its user experience is simply awesome.

What does it offer?

It is a game which involves some, mostly unrelated cases, which the protagonist detective Cole Phelps has to solve. The plot is set in L.A in the late 1940s and the best part according to me is that the game is in the first person. When you are playing the game, you are in the shoes of Mr. Phelps, and you have to think like he does to solve the mysteries and judge the interviewees. It has decent control systems, and all the objects and people around are minutely detailed so that the users get a great virtual experience. It uses normal directions to move, but it may cause some unnecessary drifts, so the better way is to use the option of teleportation. You can just choose the location and get yourself teleported from one place to another. Phelps usually holds a book and pen while interviewing and you could actually write in that notebook. Even while talking to people you cannot throw random dialogues by just picking one from the list. This game is not at all predictable and what you say will decide where the interview leads. Even the car cabins and the guns are quite detailed, and everything is not just a button click away. You literally have to hold the book in one hand and flip the pages from the other to search the clues. It definitely gives real-life experience and the game is highly hooking.

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Some flaws:

This game has just 7 cases on contrary to 21 cases which the old version had. This includes just a few hours of gaming which leaves the gamers wanting more. It is disappointing when one of your favorite games finishes so soon. Moreover, the gunshots in virtual reality are not that precise and accurate, which becomes frustrating sometimes. Some of the detailing seems overdone and unwanted, which distracts the user from the game itself. Virtual reality is not really easy to use, and sometimes you land up where you did not intend to.


Overall, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files is a wonderful game which offers a great user experience. It completely drains your mind and leaves you clueless at some points and then it becomes really thrilling and challenging to solve all the cases. The game is certainly engaging. It is great to see Cole Phelps climb the ladder of success as he solves all the cases, and the first person experience makes it even more enjoyable.A lot of brainstorming and attentiveness is required to play the game. It has its share of flaws, but it does not miss to give its user a real-life experience.

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