Xbox Live Games with Gold for January 2018

As soon as the New Year is here and everyone has put their items on discounts and sales, Microsoft has also jumped into the line. Microsoft is offering free games for its Gold members to enjoy in the month in January. This is what we call a true New Year gift for the Xbox lovers!

Xbox has revolutionized the world of video games by their unique features. There are billions of users on Xbox right now all around the globe. Microsoft offers Gold membership for its special customers. This gold membership consists of access to different services. Usually, Gold membership holders get two free games each month, access to Netflix content and other app services. This is happening for the first time that Microsoft is giving four free games for the month of January for Xbox Gold users. These four games are:

  1. Zombi
  2. Tomb Raider Underworld
  3. Army of two
  4. The Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing 3

Let’s see what is new in these super Gold offer games:


This game is full of zombies, and you have to survive on the streets of London with zombies all around. There are suspense and thriller throughout the game, and one has to make his way from different streets, canals, roads, and blocks fighting from zombies.

Tomb Raider Underworld:

Tomb Raider Underworld is all about a girl named Lara Croft. You will find Lara Croft traveling around the world and solving the mystery of Thor’s hammer. There is a lot of different features and difficulties on her way. She has to dive, climb, slide and fight throughout the journey.

Army of Two:

You can play this game with your favorite buddy as its name reveals that it is the Army of Two. It’s all about a journey of two people using different weapons and expertise to fight the conspiracy which has threatened the whole world. There will be a journey from Afghanistan to South Korea and much more!

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3:

Van Helsing’s debut is releasing on Xbox One and Xbox X very soon. In the third part of this trilogy, Van Helsing faces more and more tough situations and dangerous beasts as he goes through its journey. The leveling system in this final round has also become diverse. This time in the 3rd part Lady Katarina will also be his ghost companion (as she was earlier) but her story will be revealed this time.

In short, there is a hell lot of mysteries in these new games. These adventurous games with full suspense and thriller are the reason why Xbox Gold members are happy to get these games free for the month of January.

Game Review: L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files

The favorite developers of all gamers “Rockstar Games” who published the most famous game ever “Grand Theft Auto” are now back with a game on VR (virtual reality). The game “L.A Noire” is definitely capable of meeting all the expectations, though it has its share of flaws its user experience is simply awesome.

What does it offer?

It is a game which involves some, mostly unrelated cases, which the protagonist detective Cole Phelps has to solve. The plot is set in L.A in the late 1940s and the best part according to me is that the game is in the first person. When you are playing the game, you are in the shoes of Mr. Phelps, and you have to think like he does to solve the mysteries and judge the interviewees. It has decent control systems, and all the objects and people around are minutely detailed so that the users get a great virtual experience. It uses normal directions to move, but it may cause some unnecessary drifts, so the better way is to use the option of teleportation. You can just choose the location and get yourself teleported from one place to another. Phelps usually holds a book and pen while interviewing and you could actually write in that notebook. Even while talking to people you cannot throw random dialogues by just picking one from the list. This game is not at all predictable and what you say will decide where the interview leads. Even the car cabins and the guns are quite detailed, and everything is not just a button click away. You literally have to hold the book in one hand and flip the pages from the other to search the clues. It definitely gives real-life experience and the game is highly hooking.

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Some flaws:

This game has just 7 cases on contrary to 21 cases which the old version had. This includes just a few hours of gaming which leaves the gamers wanting more. It is disappointing when one of your favorite games finishes so soon. Moreover, the gunshots in virtual reality are not that precise and accurate, which becomes frustrating sometimes. Some of the detailing seems overdone and unwanted, which distracts the user from the game itself. Virtual reality is not really easy to use, and sometimes you land up where you did not intend to.


Overall, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files is a wonderful game which offers a great user experience. It completely drains your mind and leaves you clueless at some points and then it becomes really thrilling and challenging to solve all the cases. The game is certainly engaging. It is great to see Cole Phelps climb the ladder of success as he solves all the cases, and the first person experience makes it even more enjoyable.A lot of brainstorming and attentiveness is required to play the game. It has its share of flaws, but it does not miss to give its user a real-life experience.

Review: Asus MG248Q 144hz Gaming Monitor

If you are one of those people who are very serious when it comes to gaming, then you know that there is only one brand that delivers, Asus. This brand has always delivered the best gaming performances with high-speed refresh rates and high-quality colors. The Asus MG248Q is one of their new models that have been designed to break all the rules that have long been used by the normal desktop PC monitors. As one of the most affordable gaming monitors that the company has ever released, this model aims to change that perception and manages to do so even better. It comes without cutting too many corners, features a 23.6-inch display with a 1080p native resolution, and lightning-quick response times added with fast refresh rates.

#Fast display and performance

The Asus MG248Q offers comes with a 144 Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time, and a 6-bit+FRC color interface. Since it has over16.7 million colors, it gives way to an almost absolute representation of sRGB standard. It features a medium Anti-Glare coating that covers the screen thus adding a slightly grainy look to it. One of its best selling points is its Contrast which can remain almost constant to the advertised 1000:1 regardless of some adjustments.

#144hz refresh rate/ 1ms response time

One of the best features of this monitor is its refresh rate which is 144Hz. This enables it to offer lightning reactions during games thus enabling fast performance. It was only until last year that monitors were a fairly mundane piece in a PC without some major variations. With this model, gamers can now enjoy displays that offer faster refresh rates that even go beyond the normal 60Hz which has been the standard speed for a long time.


#Sync and swim functionalities

One of the revolutionary features in the Asus MG248Q is the G-Sync feature. With the addition of Freesync technology, this model even goes further regarding technology from its predecessor, the Asus VG248Q.This feature is compatible with both Intel and AMD graphics cards. It works by synchronizing your gaming monitor’s refresh rate concerning the frame rate of your PC’s video card. This type of distinction between its competitors and the different video cards that it can support is a crucial aspect of this model. With this Adaptive Sync feature, any gamer will notice considerable changes in the smoothness of animation without any on-screen tearing in a certain sense.

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• Has a very bright screen
best 144hz Monitor
• brilliant color and contrast quality

• Has no G-Sync and HDR
• More expensive than the entry-level 24-inch monitors

#Final verdict

Overall, the Asus MG248Q is one of the most affordable advanced displays on the market today. With the crisp, clear image quality, lightning fast refresh rate, and Sync feature, this monitor is a gamers’ new favorite under $500. Despite not coming with its ROG Swift siblings premium price tags, it still performs almost equally powerful with them and with all the other 24inch professional gaming monitors in the market today. With all of these new features packed into a screen that is considerably much less expensive compared to other gaming monitors, this gaming monitor is a great value for any serious gamer.