5 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2017

Initial horror movies generated an eerie suspense revolving around grainy VHS footage. The scares within these confines became life. The latest entries into this genre find their way to the digital realm, attracting a whole new generation of viewers and new types of characters. Younger audiences are very fascinated with these movies but the hardcore horror lovers find them dull. Here are 5 most anticipated horror movies of 2017:

The Belko Experiment

The film is about a group of 80 employees working at a Columbian hiring company – mostly Americans. The working environment is normal with issues of friendship, romance and tension. In their daily working life, an impenetrable metal shutters through the building. This is followed by an ominous voice over a loudspeaker, which instructs the employees to eradicate each other or be killed. The ordeal involves impractical ethical questions on if it’s okay to kill a specified group of good people to save the whole bunch. The premise in this film is really fantastic and fun to watch what people would do in certain situations.

Amityville: The Awakening

This is another top ranked horror movie in 2017. Franck Khalfoun’s Amityville: The Awakening is an elegant horror film following his earlier series. The film creates emotional parallel lines between demonic ambiences and an existing crisis that has already taken root in this house full of women. Joan acted by Jennifer Leigh is a mother to James (Monaghan) and in denial. James is in a coma for long time. In grief Joan leaves her daughters Juliet (McKenna Grace) and Belle (Bella Thorne). Moving the entire family into an infamous Amityville house is the beginning of all the problems.

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The Bye Bye Man

In the outskirts of Madison, 3 students from University of Wisconsin, arrange to stay together in a rundown ancient mansion with barn size rooms. A spectral demonic monster is around these rooms. At first glance the
monster looks like the Ghost of Christmas until you notice the pointing skeletal finger. The face is gray-skinned sutures with a smile that resembles the Heath Ledger’s Joker. The suspense is in expecting the creature to appear in dark corners or bathroom mirrors, but it turns out he is only a guiding spirit called the Bye Bye Man. If you mention his name, even once, that’s the end of you. He will enter into your body and turn you into a killer.

Annabelle: Creation

The film is set decades before Annabelle came to be. Sister Charlotte played by Stephanie Sigman is attending to a group of orphaned girls who live with Sam (Anthony La Paglia) and wife Esther Mullins played by Miranda
Otto. This couple had happy earlier days, until their daughter Annabelle was killed in a car accident. 12 years later Esther is bed-bound due to some sickness and together with Sam agree to care for orphans to bring back their lost parent-daughter love. This is until Janice, one of the orphan daughters, discovers a possessed doll Annabelle in the room where the late Annabelle used to stay.


In an effort to save her boyfriend, Julia gets to watch the, cursed videotape, which is meant to kill any of its viewers within 7 days. According to the rules of the videotape, Julia gets a call immediately the video sets out
the warning. It turns out that what Julia is an entire twist of what is on the footage.

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